Print and repeat

When I first started in handmade and design, I had a small business that repurposed and screen-printed on fabric, called RenewFabrics. I was very proud of it and got to meet awesome people through it. Through this business I realised how much I love making patters. Many of my patterns were made by hand, first sketched, then perfected on the computer, then drawn on the screen by hand and finally printed.
The process of making patterns was so fascinating that I started making my own line of wrapping paper. I started small on simple A4 paper to wrap my own gifts and then I started developing more colours and lines.

And here we are!

I am fascinated by patterns, by how our brain reacts to some types of repetitions and not to others and by the way in which a simple colour change can affect our mood.

For Mesh and Cloth I follow a very similar process: I draw by hand and then scan my designs on the computer. I have also started experimenting with strange effects directly on my computer and I am using more and more photos I take around town or in nature as a starting point.