Mesh & Cloth is a small business based in Berlin focusing on printable wrapping paper and other stationary items.


I grew up surrounded by textiles. My grandmother was a seamstress, so I spent numerous hours looking at and touching fabric as we shopped for pieces to use in her sewing projects. As I watched her sew and knit, I learned to appreciate the work that goes into making something with your own hands. And I learned to love fabric. I am fascinated by fabric and what it means to societies, how its making is so linked to who we are as a specie and our history.

As I grew, I discovered my fascination with textiles had expanded into a fascination with patterns. I am interested in how our brain reacts to some types of repetitions and not to others and by the way in which a simple colour change can affect our mood.

I use simple processes (sketching and watercolour), to make patterns that will then end up printed on paper and fabric. I love it when other seamstresses use my fabric in their projects.

With Mesh and Cloth, I simply strive to make beautiful things that hopefully will make other people happy.