3 fun wedding activities with air dry clay

Wedding season is upon us! Celebrations may still be reduced in size for safety, but the great thing with clay is that you can work outside in your garden or in a park and have lots of fun. 

Clay is a wonderful medium and here are a few ideas of objects you can create for your wedding party or as an activity during a wedding shower or bachelorette / bachelor's party. My clay kits are perfect for these events!

Ring dishes

Air dry clay ring dishes

Air dry clay ring dishes are a fun and easy activity for your wedding. You can easily make them using a form you may have at home. Go check out my tutorial to make an air dry clay ring dish

Jewerly for wedding party / bridesmaids 

Air dry clay necklace

Air dry clay is a great material to make necklaces or brooches because it's easy to work with and quick to dry so you can decorate it without waiting for days for the clay to dry. Get together with your wedding party and make each other a thoughtful air dry clay necklace!

Seating card holder as handmade wedding favour 

Air dry clay wedding favour

Who says that card holders need to be boring? Make a small pinch bowl out of air dry clay and then offer it as a small wedding favour to your guests. Here is a tutorial on how to make a pinch bowl.