Form an Ornament with the Christmas Kit

My new Christmas Kit is there and brings the joy of clay all the way up to the Christmas tree. It comes with instructions for different ways to create an ornament - one of which is given here - and, of course, the tools and utensils to actually create and decorate your ornament. So, in this brief tutorial, we will form an three-dimensional object.


Get all the tools from the set and a container of water.

1) Take a small piece of clay and form a ball with your hands.

Step 1

2) Apply a little bit of water if cracks start to form.

3) Slowly insert the metal bar in the center of ball. The bar should not come all the way through.

Step 3

4) Leave the ornament to dry fully (one day should suffice).

5) Once it's dry, you can paint on it and hang it with the included baker's twine.