Tips for applying sealant to an air-dry clay piece

Applying sealant is very easy. It helps your air-dry piece become more resistant to water and will have a nice sheen that will make it look more polished.

Sealant is essentially liquid glue, so don’t forget: your finished piece will still not be completely water-proof and will still not be food safe in any way.

Close up: Applying sealant to air-dry

Sealant should be applied as the last thing you do. If you are painting your pieces with acrylic, apply the sealant only once the colors are completely dry.

To apply the sealant, dip a brush in sealant and start applying strokes to your piece. You will not need a lot, believe me.

As you apply the liquid, you will notice your piece may take on a slightly coloured sheen. This is the sealant. Once it’s dried out, the color will disappear.

I recommend applying 2 coats of sealant. If you do that, make sure the first coat is dry before applying the second.

Air-dry clay pieces with sealant applied