Tutorial: how to mix two clay colours

Mixing air dry clay colours can be a fun way to get amazing results. Depending on how you mix the clay, you can get different results.

I love mixing red terracotta air dry clay with white air dry clay. 

In this tutorial I will show you how to mix clays in two ways.

1. Rolling air dry clay 

Roll the red clay and then roll the white clay.

Cut out strips of the white clay and position them on the red clay.

The roll out the white strips.

air dry clay red and white

rolling Air dry clay

2. Wedging the clay

This second method will achieve a more natural, random marbled look.

Make two small balls of clay in your hands (one from the white clay and one from the red).

Then cut them in half and position each half against a half of another color, as if you were making an ice cream sandwich.

lufttrocknender ton

mixing air dry clay colours

Then make a ball with the clay and roll it out. Voilà!

marbled air dry clay