Voucher for online building class

Voucher for online building class

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Have you ever wanted to learn pottery and have no wheel?

During this pottery class we will talk about the basics of clay and I will demonstrate 3 basic hand-building techniques. You will have some time to start a project and I will be there to answer questions. We will be working with air-dry clay so that you do not need a kiln, but the techniques are easily applied to any type of clay you may be working with. This class will come with a home pottery kit with 1kg air-dry clay and tools. 

The workshops take place online (on Zoom) and lasts around 2,5 hours.

After the class you will receive a PDF with a summary of my tips and instructions. The class is in English but I can answer questions in Italian, German and French if needed.

Is this a gift? If yes, let me know when you order and I will print a nice voucher gift card. You can also personalise your message on the card.

Once you book a class, I will send you the big kit around a week before the class. See below for what is in the kit. The course covers:

  • Basics of handling clay
  • Pinch pot
  • Slab building
  • Coiling
  • Carving clay/giving clay an interesting texture
  • Discussion of decorating clay with acrylic colors (this class does NOT cover glazes). Because decorating can only happen once the piece is dry, I will give you ideas but you will not be able to decorate your piece right away.
Who is this course for? Anyone interested in learning how to build objects with clay. No knowledge or experience required. Other than the materials that I will send you, before the class please have the following items at hand:
  • a bowl of water
  • a surface you can work on, ideally covered by a piece of cloth