How to elevate your work

As artists, we need to show those who engage with us that our work is going to make a difference in their lives. This may mean that our art is helping them create the homes of their dreams or simply adding beauty in their lives.

We achieve it through various strategies, and elevating our work is part of it.

The way you talk about your work

The first step is to be proud of your work.

When you talk about your work with friends, on social media, on your website, choose words that elevate and add value.

Use adjectives that communicate the love you put in your craft. Describe what difference this piece will make in your audience's lives.

The way you price your work

Value yourself, pay yourself fairly for your effort.

When we see something cheap, we also automatically think "cheaply made", which may not be true.

The way you showcase your work

Good photography is essential. If you are selling online or using social media, this is how your audience will connect with you.

Take beautiful well-lit photos or invest in a professional photographer to make sure you do your work justice.

I spend a lot of time thinking about styling my collections and I also make sure every single photo I post on my website or on my profile is visually consistent with my brand and how I want my audience to feel when they see it.

Where you choose to sell your work

The venue you choose will determine the audience you attract to that venue.

This is true for online platforms (Amazon is not the same as Etsy), and for offline venues (flea markets are not the same as designer events).

Think about who your ideal customer is: where do they spend their time? Meet them there. Avoid the rest.

Finally, not everyone is your audience. The way you talk about, show, price and sell your work should be part of a strategy that starts with identifying your ideal customer.

Do not undervalue yourself, even when you are at the beginning stages. Always speak of your work with respect and enthusiasm. It will travel.