Pottery buddy mentorship

Begin your pottery journey

I started pottery at home in my studio. Soon I began filling up my shelves with pieces and spent hours researching.

Starting out in pottery can be a little daunting. There is a lot of information out there and sometimes you just have a specific basic question that no one else seems to have asked.

I have been there and I love to share my love for pottery with people.

If you need help with setting up a pottery studio at home, are just starting out and need someone to ask all the questions you have, I am here for you! My mentorships are supportive spaces. Each creative journey takes practice and patience and I can help along the way.

Ceramic artist in her studio

Your pottery buddy

Ceramic bowls and plates

1 session

Have you always wanted to know what it's like to with in a ceramics studio? It doesn't matter if you make art from your living room. This session will give you a general idea and give you the chance to ask questions.

I will give you a (virtual) tour of my studio.

I will answer your questions.

You will walk away with PDF materials and a good understanding of how to begin in ceramics, the materials you need and how to establish a studio.

60 Minutes - 120 Euros

3 sessions

If you want take your knoweldge to the next level. You may be thinking of seriously starting in ceramics and need someone to walk you through the first steps.

I will give you a (virtual) tour of my studio.

I will answer your questions and show you the process of ceramics from start to finish by giving you insight into my process: how to come up with an idea for a collection, building a prototype, estblishing a series of tests and brainstorming ways to market your work.

3 sessions 60 minutes each - 360 Euros