Gift Voucher for online pottery class (take at your own pace)

Gift Voucher for online pottery class (take at your own pace)

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Have you ever wanted to learn pottery and have no wheel?

During this pottery class we will talk about the basics of clay, ceramics, temperatures and glazes, how to set up a home studio, and I will demonstrate how to make a mug via hand-building technique. 

The class is a mix between slides and video demonstration.

The workshops take place online in English (on the Teachable platform) and you can take it at your own pace. You can see the class here.

Each lecture has a link to download the slides and relevant materials. 

The class is in English.

This is a voucher. Once the voucher has been purchased, you will receive a PDF to present to the giftee. The PDF contains instructions and a unique voucher code that can be redeemed when enrolling in the class. 

The course covers:

  • Home studio set up
  • Safety considerations
  • Introduction to clay and temperatures
  • Stages of clay
  • The process of reclaiming clay
  • Finding your own aesthetic and creating collections 
  • Making test tiles
  • How to make slip
  • Building a mug
  • Slow drying pottery
  • Introduction to glazes
  • Glazing with liquid glazes 
  • Examples of creative glaze application
  • Evaluating your work

Who is this course for? Anyone interested in learning how to build their own ceramics pieces and start their own home studio. No knowledge or experience required.