The Holiday Collection is here

The Holiday Collection

A few weeks ago I traveled to the Baltic Sea for a few days of tranquility and I became obsessed with some of the colors on the beach, particularly the stones.

I decided to restrict my color palette for the holidays collection and also took a big and risky step to have my own shop here on the website, and try a combination of art pieces and limited edition clay jewellery, along with printable gift wrap sets. I am really excited (and a little scared) for this new collection because it’s both deeply personal and also a little outside my comfort zone. I have struggled for years with identifying as an artist and the few art pieces in this collection are essentially me taking a leap of faith and hoping y’all will appreciate my work.

Thank you all for your support.

P.S. Don’t worry, my Etsy shop will not go anywhere for now, and all your discount codes will still be honoured there.