Tech for creative entrepreneurs mentorship

tech does not need to be scary or complicated

I spent over ten years in the tech industry, leading teams, building products and designing interfaces that welcome people.

As a creative entrepreneur, I also understand what it's like to have to do everything yourself: from making, to shipping to taking care of your website. And it's a LOT!

When it comes to having an online presence, there are so many considerations you need to make and you may not have the time or resources to hire someone else to do it for you. Plus, you need to be an expert at everything: email marketing, social media, HTML.. It's a lot!

It's also really satisfying to be indepenent and be in control of you brand.

My mentorships are 1:1 spaces in which I help you address a few key areas of your online presence and answer your questions on anything from email marketing to how to ensure your website is accessible and welcoming.

Web design

ensuring your website is fit for purpose

Designing a website that is welcoming and beautiful is central to your business. We will discuss the various shopping management systems out there, their pros and cons, what you should look out for. A few examples: how to make sure your website is not too slow (there is so much more to this than just reducing the size of your photos); how to make your website accessible; how people interact with websites; how to test your website for mobile experience.

I will draw from my years of experience conducting user interviews and user testing to help you make the best decisions for user experience.

email marketing and deliverability

I spent years leading a deliverability team and ensuring a big organisation's emails did not end up in spam. This was the core of the business. Email deliverability is a very misterious field, and I want to demistify it and make it easy for small businesses to avoid a few common mistakes.

We will discuss, inter alia: how to set up your email program for success; why emails end up in spam; how to maintain good list hygiene; what the difference is between open rate, read rate and click through rate; how to design emails that JUST.WORK.

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Email marketing

testing and reading stats

Apps and website management systems give you a lot of information, but one of the most important issues is recognising when the information is reliable and statistically significant. I spent years evaluating tests with thousands of data points, and knowing what to trust will help you make better decisions for your business.

understand how Wordpress, Shopify or squarespace operate

HTML, CSS, liquid templates, PHP... You do not need to learn how to code, but undestanding how the platforms you use operate under the hood will help immensely. This way you don't only understand it, you can also start making customisations and changes that better fit your brand.

Selling on squarespace
Pantone colors

testing product ideas with very low effort

In the tech industry, we develop minimum viable products (MVP) to test out an idea before even starting to code. We can do the same as creative businesses. Together we can brainstorm a way to make sure an idea you have for a product is going to work out before you waste money and time.

advanced skills

Is your business ready for more? Want to talk Google Analytics, how to set up A/B tests, how to create your own liquid template in Shopify? Let's do this!

Coding skills
Elisabetta Lombardo holding a clay bowl

about me

what will I get out of this? How does it work?

goal oriented approach

As your mentor, I will help you get to where you want to go. Our sessions will be catered to your needs and your questions. The first thing we will do is set tangible and achievable goals for our time together and we will continuously check against those goals.

investment in long-term skills

In mentoring we will cover topics that will help you understand how the technology operates. This understanding will serve you for a long time and will help you even if you decide to use a different shop system in the future.

ready to find out more?

Book a sample session. During the session I will ask you about your needs, your goals and we will determine if we are a good fit for each other. Sessions last 60 minutes and can be booked individually or in packages of 3.

Prices: 200 Euros per session

If you are booking a package of 3 and want to discuss a payment plan, please let me know!