Make your own Christmas tree decorations with the clay kits from Mesh & Cloth

Berlin, September 2021 - The Mesh & Cloth Christmas tree ornament kit launches just in time for the start of the Christmas season. The kit contains everything needed to easily create and decorate individual Christmas tree decorations using air-drying clay at home.

Those who are looking for something special for their Christmas preparations and don't always want to hang the same ornaments can use the new kits from Mesh & Cloth to craft and design their own. With the included accessories and richly illustrated instructions, preparation turns into a little feast for the whole family: whether you just want to create a few simple shapes or want to build a delicate, multi-colored work of art - there are no limits to your creativity. And thanks to the included gold thread, your own creations will also be hung with ease and beauty. The kit is therefore also a perfect gift for the pre-Christmas season.

 "Well over a thousand kits have been ordered by people in recent months," explains "Mesh & Cloth" founder Elisabetta Lombardo.  "Often people have written to me about what projects they're doing, and I've been blown away by people's creativity. With the Christmas sets, I let all the experiences of this time flow and can bring the love for the great medium of clay directly to the Christmas tree! What could be better than looking up at the decorated tree - and seeing your own creations!"

In addition to 500g of clay in terracotta or white color, the set also include tools for shaping and refining the clay and, of course, for attaching it to the tree. The sets include acrylic paints in matching metallic shades and optional other colors. They will be available at in October 2021.