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Pottery Kits

Do the kits come with instructions?

Yes! The kits come with a professionally printed 26-pages bi-lingual (German and English) long instructions manual, with step-by-step instructions for a variety of projects and tips to begin. 

Do I need any additional materials to work with the pottery kits?

The kits contain all the tools and materials required. You only need some water and a cloth for your work surface.

What is air-dry clay?

The air-dry clay in our kits is completely natural clay that can be left to air-dry and does not require a kiln to be fired. 

Is air-dry clay durable?

Air-dry clay is durable depending on what you make from it. Very thin items may break more easily, but as long as you treat your piece well, a piece made from air-dry clay is very durable.  

Can air-dry clay be used for food? Is it foodsafe?

Since pieces made from air-dry clay are not fired in a kiln and are not glazed, they are not food safe or water tight. So they should not be used with food or water.

Can air-dry clay get wet?

Since they are not fired, pieces with air-dry clay should not get wet. Applying sealant helps with making the piece more resistant to splashes but it should still not be immersed in water. If you make a vase with air-dry clay, you should only use it for dried flowers.

Can I burn the air-dry clay in my oven at home for faster drying?

The air-dry clay in our kits can be burned in the oven, but I advise against firing clay in the same oven you use for food preparation and consumption. Therefore, I would recommend to just air-dry the clay.

Can I fire air-dry clay in a kiln?

The air-dry clay in our kits can be fired in a kiln up to 1040C. This means that you first need to get it bisque fired (900C) and then it can be glazed and fired again up to 1040C. Read our page find out where you can get your clay fired.

How long will it take for my air-dry clay piece to be completely dry?

It depends a bit on the size of your piece and how thick its walls are, but air-dry clay usually dries out completely in two to four days.

Can I use it for food, water or drinks?

No! Air-dry clay is not safe for either food or liquids, even with an applied sealant.

Online live Classes

How do I register for and join the live class?

You book the class and checkout just as you would with any other product. If you selected the class with materials, I will send them to a few days before the workshop takes place, with tracking of course. A few days before the class, I will send a link to a Zoom call that you join at the given time. If you use a desktop or notebook, you don't need to download an application but can just directly participate from your browser (like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).

Is there a recording of the class afterwards?

No, but there will be some additional materials I will send out afterwards, so you don't need to keep notes (but of course you can if that's your thing!).


Are the ceramics dishwasher safe?

Yes all my ceramics are fired at high temperature (1240C) and are dishwasher and microwave safe. I recommend hand-washing as it's more delicate, but totally OK to use a dishwasher. 

I would like a piece to be made especially for me. Do you accept custom orders?

Yes! I accept custom orders. Please get in touch

In-place workshops

Do you have physical live classes?

Yes! I am the co-founder of a community ceramic studio in Berlin called Kleistone Studio. We offer classes and firing service.

Downloadable printable goods

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Shipping and Returns

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