Summer at the dining table: The ceramic collection "Patience" by Mesh & Cloth

Berlin, June 2021 - Just in time for the calendrical beginning of summer, the new ceramic collection by Mesh & Cloth is launched. From the filigree spoon tray to the large bowl for a pasta, everything is there to stock up and experience the long-awaited summer evening with friends.

The last few months have been a tough test: restrictions on public life, an ongoing pandemic, and sometimes also dreary weather. Now the situation is relaxing. Enjoying warm summer evenings on the balcony or in the garden with friends is possible again. So "Patience" is the appropriate name for a collection that appears just in time for the resurgence of the common get-together.

"I wanted to make a ceramic collection for the dining table. The ideas came to me during the lockdown, when everything seemed to stand still, when I had to postpone plans. Having to wait for everything, always having to be calm." creator Elisabetta Lombardo explains the thinking behind the new range. The owner of Mesh & Cloth continues, "The design of the plates and bowls combines an earthy color palette with a luxurious, organic form language. The message: patience and resilience pays off. It's time for a shared, enjoyable summer of red wine and pasta."

Olive, seashell, peppermint, rustic earth are the names of the color schemes of the completely hand-shaped pieces. On offer are containers and trays for cutlery as well as plates and bowls of various sizes. The unique pieces wil be available to order on from June 21, 2021.

Photo by: Wild Lights Photography