Berlin emissions-free deliveries

I deeply care about sustainability and reducing the impact of my business on the environment.

If you live in central Berlin in one of the postal codes covered by the service, you have the option to have your Mesh & Cloth purchases delivered to your door emissions and packaging free.

This service is powered by the company Green Circle, a local small business focused on delivering products within the community in a sustainable way.

They deliver with an electric van and you will receive my products in a shopping bag, instead of all the packaging and paper that goes through the post office.

how does it work?

  1. Checkout and pay in my store

  2. If local delivery is available in your postal code, you will see the local delivery option available in the shipping options. 
  3. Select the option to use Green Circle for local Berlin delivery. You will have to explicitly consent to your email address being communicated to them to use this service. This is because they will email you to arrange for a time for your delivery. If you do not wish for your email address to be communicated, please choose a different option.

  4. After the purchase is picked up from our studio, you will get an email asking you to arrange for a delivery time. You will have options to choose from. Typically delivery times are between 1 and 3 business days after the purchase is picked up from our studio.