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Start your clay journey and stay creative at home with my pottery kits

I discovered clay a few years ago, during a very difficult time in my life. Focusing on making something with my hands, with time and patience, made me reconnect with myself and helped me heal.

The kits will help you mindfully be present and make something out of a block of clay. They contain everything you need to start creating. No wheel or kiln needed!

My kits come with air-dry clay. What is air-dry clay? It's clay that will dry out completely in 4 days max after the piece is finished. This means that you will not need a kiln. Pieces made with air-dry clay can be decorated with acrylic colors and can be varnished to make them more resistant. Note however that they will never be food or water safe, so you should only use them for decorative purposes. 

If you are planning a virtual team or private event, kits make a great way to connect and get your creative juices flowing. Click here to find out more.

--> Unsure about what kit fits your needs? Take a fun short pottery kit quiz

The collection also features clay stamps and useful logs to help you record your progress.

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