Creative business mentorships

living a creative life

I want to share what I learned so more creatives can do what they love

I spent more than a decade learning skills in brand management and technology. I managed big products and teams and mentored other managers.

While those skills helped me set up my businesses in a methodical and organised way, I have also learned with the experience of setting up successful businesses that sustain my life. And I want to share those experiences with other creative enterpreneurs.

I know what it feels like to try and fail, to invest time and energy without seeing results. I also know that sometimes we invest time and energy into things that do not really bring much value, only leaving us to feel terrible about our work.

Whether you are looking to set up your creative business, get inspiration or get tangible advice on things like pricing, marketing, brand management, web presence, SEO, finding your audience, social media, we can work together.

A few examples of areas I can help you in

Practical steps you need to take and considerations you need to make before you begin

Pricing your work so it can sustain your life and sharing it in the world

Setting up a website, SEO, online shop best practices

Pitching your work to publications, collaborations and partnerships

Elevating and presenting your work

Selecting a cohesive style and packaging for your work

How to structure your time so that your creative practice is given its due time and you get things done.

We hate it, we loathe it, but we need to engage. How do we do it in a sustainable manner?

My mentorship program is highly tailored to YOU and your needs. Before we work together, I need to make sure I can actually help you out so the first step is to briefly get to know each other. Use the contact form below to get in touch.