Clay Tutorial: Applying Texture to Clay

Clay is a very versatile material and one of my favourite things to do with it is create interesting textures. This quick tutorial will show you how to use a very simple materials you find in packages, to create a unique texture on your clay.

Clay Tutorial: Applying Texture

You can use anything you find to create texture: paper, stamps, shells, etc

For this tutorial I will use a textured paper you will find in many packages.

What you need:

  1. The clay kit
  2. A piece of cloth (ideally linen) on which to roll your clay
  3. The textured object you want to use
  4. A rolling pin
  5. Water (if needed)

Tools used for applying texture to clay

Step 1: Roll your clay

Roll the clay with the rolling ping until it’s about half a centimetre thick.

Rolling the Clay

Step 2: Smoothen the clay

Use your metal rib to make the clay nice and smooth.

Smoothen the clay

 Step 3: Position your textured object on the clay

Positioning the object on the clay

Step 4: Roll the clay

Roll the textured object on the clay with the roller.

Rolling the textured object

Step 5: Lift the textured paper!

Lifting the object